Patterns of Creation: Lore of the Fiends

Patterns of Creation: Lore of the Fiends revises and alters the basic system for Lore use and is intended to present a streamlined option for Demon: the Fallen 20th Anniversary Edition. This book contains new rules for Lore of Patterns, Lore of Portals, and Lore of Light.

Streamlined for
the Anniversary Edition

The purpose behind these revisions is twofold. First, these new systems make an effort to clean up references to Abilities to bring Demon: The Fallen in line with the Ability spread seen in the 20th Anniversary Edition line of products. Where necessary, Ability references have been modified to reflect the core Abilities presented in those official sources published via Onyx Path. Secondly, an effort is made to re-imagine a demon’s Lore as a fundamental portion of their being that connects them directly to the universe as a whole. As such, the basic system by which each Lore functions is replaced with the system included in this book.


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