Scoundrel is a Minimalist OSR RPG ruleset and toolkit, with some class flavor. It is based off of Knave, and my Knave Illuminated. I tried to keep to the same tone and vision in Knave Illuminated. Scoundrel is my hack of knave, it adds:

  • a class ability choice to character creation.
  • more varied characters by linking Hit Dice with constitution instead of level.
  • even simpler inventory with Usage die instead of item counts. (to mirror the durability system)
  • Made Unconscious matter more, instead of being rare.

It is a Minimalist D20, Six Stat sytem. It is Fast and easy to learn, play and run. It might be best utilized for making your own module, and/or making the rules of the system fit better with the module you are creating, modifying, or running.

You can adapt most OSR content to Scoundrel, you can even adapt modern 5e content if you wish.

I still contend that you can make your own knave-live game with Knave Illuminated, indeed I did make my own beyond this document called Scoundrel. In fact in either cas you should bend the rules and play the game you want.  A full preview is available, but the sample pdf is an excerpt.

Like Ben, I will include the source file so you can edit it however you like and print your own version.

This game is released as both pay what you want, and under the Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 liscense, so you can do what you want with it.

This product is priced at $4.75


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