The Longest Dinner

Surely, you’ve been to gatherings that lasted longer than they should have, but did they last 800,806 years?! You join the eclectic Traveller for a dinner and demonstration of his new invention. Surprisingly, the machine transports you far into the distant future, to see the eventual outcome of the human race. Will you survive the experience and live to tell the tale at your own dinner party?

Join the eclectic Traveller and experience the classic H.G. Wells work, “The Time Machine” in D&D form.  Meet the Elo, explore the ruined Palace of Green Porcelain, and battle the vicious Morlocks.  

This adventure is designed to run 4-8 hours for 2-7 players of third level.  It is perfect for library events, after-school activities, or as a break from your normal campaign.  This module can take place within Victorian England as in the source or easily adapted for a non-specific fantasy setting.  Place the time machine within your own campaign to take a break from world-building and explore the far flung future for a session or two.

This module is free to download as part of the “Legends and Literature” series.  See other classic works reimagined as D&D modules by clicking on the author’s name above.

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