The Strange and Final Voyage of the Tempest

7 years ago, the bonny crew of the pirate ship Tempest, under the bold command of Captain Jayne Winter, were the greatest adventurers the world had ever seen. The seas of Theah were their home and no ship dared cross the water without a quick prayer to their chosen deities for guidance away from the greatest buccaneers in the known world.

When tragedy struck, Captain Winter was lost and her crew went their own ways. But when the Captain resurfaces and reassembles her crew for one last great adventure, will it lead to fortune, or ruin?

The Strange and Final Voyage of the Tempest is an adventure designed to be played in one sitting of around 3 hours. It offers all the players (Narrator included) opportunities to explore the game’s basic mechanics in play and can serve as the jumping-off point for a larger campaign, or be threaded into an existing campaign in a pinch.

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