Blade Bazaar Merchants & Vendors (For Your Underdark or Out of the Abyss campaign)

Including: Local Underdark Food & Drink, Weapons, Armor, Gear, and Much More!

Perfect for Rage of Demons Out of the Abyss (or any Underdark campaign or one-shot)


Are you a DM who wants to add fun NPC vendors (with memorable names and read aloud text) to your game? Do you want your PC’s to have access to delicious Underdark delicacies that grant temporary hit points? How about the ability to buy a giant spider (steeder) that they can train and ride? Do you want offer your adventurers a chance to sell their own items to shoppers by becoming vendors at the Blade Bazaar? This supplement provides you the inspiration and a loose framework to make those dreams come true.

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