Carbon Grey RPG – Settings Primer

Survive the grimness of trench warfare. Dare to soar the deadly skies. Master the art of espionage to uncover the secrets of your enemies. Navigate the social hierarchy and underhanded dealings of both the nobility and the underworld. Learn to manipulate the strange powers that affect the very reality of the world around you. This is CARBON GREY.

Built on the time-tested legacy of the D6 System by seminal developer West End Games, players will be able to dive into the world of CARBON GREY quickly and easily through the new “Magnetic Variant (D6MV)” Rule Set. Taking full advantage of the unique and popular “Wild Die” feature, adventures in CARBON GREY will be as thrilling and cinematic as players dare to imagine.

This Settings Primer will introduce you to the world of CARBON GREY and prepare you for the Quickstart Guide and Complete Rulebook release to follow.

The full game will feature twenty-four unique character archetypes, gifting you with talents and abilities you choose to make your presence unique and indispensable to uncovering – and perhaps stopping – the hidden machinations manipulating world events. Navigate the treacherous water of nobility as a Sovereign or Free Lady. Silence opposition as a deadly Royal Operative or Reluctant Mentor. Own the battlefield as a Trench Fighter or rule the skies as a Dogfighter. Navigate the underworld as a Moonlighter or Master Spy. Or walk the edge of reality as a mystical Dharman Adept or sentient Fenris Wolf.

With over 50 enemy and monster types to encounter, there is much to discover in the world of Carbon Grey…

The Carbon Grey Role-playing Game is the first to use the Magnetic Variant (D6MV) of the classic D6 System tabletop role-playing game rules by West End Gamesrewinding the system back to its classic roots and streamlining it for a modern audience. 

Rules variations unique to the Magnetic Variant of the system include Genre Defined Attributes, Streamlined Skills, and Character Quirks and Obligations

Space/time in Carbon Grey is bent—apply too much pressure and it will snap. We’ve added a special Wild Die to represent this element of chaos to the game—chaos that can cause Continuity Surges, Flux Effects, and more.

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