Psionics for Skillskape

Psionics for Skillskape is fully compatible with Chivalry & Sorcery 5th Edition

“Psionics” is a term used for a set of mental abilities that allow a character to manipulate the world, using only the power of the mind. A character with Psionic Abilities is often referred to as a Psion.
The power of one’s will to wield great power that can shape their future and the future of others is a great responsibility. That responsibility is now yours, Psion! Will you be a great hero or a terrible villain?
Psionics for SkillSkape contains within its pages:

• Comprehensive explanations on psionic abilities and how they are grouped and related to each other.
• How psionic abilities interact with the natural world and the mystical realms
• How one can become a Psion as well as the benefits, prices, curses, or gifts of being a Psion.

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