Titan-Forge Miniatures just shared: “Cross-Promo with White Werewolf Tavern!”

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This month we have a cross-promotion with our amazingly talented friends from White Werewolf Tavern!  You can download the Chmerih Faceless from their August Release for your collection!

White Werewolf Tavern is a creator team that makes high quality 3D miniatures for MSLA 3D printing.

Each monthly release has a minimum of10 unique miniatures that can be used in TTRPG (32mm scale + DnD 5e style stat blocks) as well as for display piece painting (75mm scale and busts)!

In the month of August, you can visit the Zarukianforest and meet a tribe of Froggles and the magical Circle of Druids (14 unique miniatures).

All of the miniatures come with in-house pre-supports, where each one is test printed to ensure 100% reliability every time you print!

More rewards are waiting for you in the Welcome Chest + Free miniatures, which includes 13 miniatures with pre-support!

You can also get on with the Loyalty Rewards Programme! Everyone supporting White Werewolf Tavern for 2 consecutive months receives an extra model that isn’t included in the release.

Three consecutive months will give you an Epic miniature of King Eonkar (32mm and bonus 75mm scale), which is exclusive to this Reward Program and won’t be available anywhere else!

All Patron Supporters are eligible to receive a 50% discount on all the miniatures in the MMF store.

Everyone who is curious to try out the miniatures can, right now, use the discount code WWTTF for a 30% discount for anything from the MMF store!

Come visit us by our hearth at the magical White Werewolf Tavern, where every month you will meet some of the most incredible fantasy 3D miniatures that you’ve ever seen!


Download Chmerih Faceless  
The link and password are in the Release Post.  
Get the model now! It will only be available until 31/08/2021!

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon

White Werewolf Tavern MyMiniFactory (30% off with discount code WWTTF)

Stay safe out there!

Sincerely yours,
White Werewolf Team & Titan Forge

*** The model is shared between TF and WWT Patreon as a cross-promotion. It will not be available in the TF store later and is not a part of a Titan Forge Release. This file is protected by White Werewolf Tavern terms and conditions of use. If you would like to merchant the file, inquire about the merchant-tier at White Werewolf Tavern Patreon.


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