Bright & Terrible (Second Edition)

Experience swords and tragedy in the vein of Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melniboné and Tanith Lee’s Night’s Master!

This Second Edition has updated tables, clarified rules, and a beautiful new layout.

The Story So Far…

For ten thousand years, Atlantis ruled the Earth.

From the winged children of Black Aerie to the ophidian witches of Graven Reach to the merchant princes of Bazzan, every human bent knee to the Empire of Air and Darkness.

Ten thousand years, but no more.

Rumors spread of the Sea of Sorrows boiling and rising to drink the shining towers, or of Mount Bleak exploding in a rain of hellfire, or of an impossible tempest surrounding the isle.

Only one thing is certain: for a decade, no one has seen the indigo triremes of Atlantis, nor its bright and terrible rulers.

You are the last of your kind.

You are an Atlantean exile, wandering the newly-free world, as humans both great and petty beg for your aid or seek to make you pay for the sins of your lost people.

Will you render the justice of a bright queen, or the terror of an alien tyrant?

Bright & Terrible includes…

  • Simple, evocative rules tied directly to the setting. Roll a pool of differently colored dice; their matches resolve success, mete out consequences, and pronounce doom.
  • Flashback rules that reveal the glories and tragedies of Atlantis in play.
  • Twenty-seven d6 tables for generating full adventures, including conflicts, people, demons, and more.

About the Author…

Rose Bailey is the creator of over a dozen published roleplaying games, including Beautiful Anomalies, Cavaliers of Mars, and Princess of the Universe, and has developed or co-written over a dozen more gaming books. She’s the longest-serving developer of White Wolf’s Vampire, and the author of the Sasha Witchblood pulp fairy tale anthologies.

Made Possible By…

The backers of Rose’s Fantasy Heartbreaker Patreon!

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