The Old Host (Fantasy Grounds)

The Hunt is on, but are you the hunter or the prey?

The Old Host is an adventure in the Feywild for 3rd-5th level characters. It is part III of the bestselling The Grove of Cernunnos series, but can easily be run as a standalone adventure.

Conversion based on original product containing:

  • A wonderfully laid out 51 page PDF with over 40 pieces of art.
  • A cat & mouse style hunt that spans the whole adventure. 
  • A whole new Autumnal Feywild forest setting, The Waning Wood, with three distinct sections:
    • The Boughs of Plenty: The harvest and Autumn’s bounty.
    • The Lanterns: The horror of approaching winter, very Halloween themed!
    • The Weald In Reverie: A land where dreams and reality mix freely.
  • Nearly 40 handcrafted encounters:
    • Nearly 30 random encounters, covering all three pillars, for players to discover as they explore the Wood’s many regions.
    • 3 unique and powerful NPCs to recruit or defeat.
    • Several quest centric encoutners, vital to escaping the Wood alive.
  • 10 unique stat blocks for new monsters and NPCs:
    • 5 all new creatures
    • 5 unique NPCs
  • 16 new magical items:
    • 4 standard magical items, including one powerful (and heavily, heavily cursed) artefact.
    • 12 new “tokens of the dreamers” type magical items, that lose much of their magic if not in the Feywild




Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.

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