Tower of the Rage Mage (5e)

A Poor Choice of Words…

Strange rumors spread from the industrial city of Rodolphe. Visions of strangers pacing inside houses under lock and key, and figures appearing and disappearing at will, give rise to rumors of ectoplasmic origin.

With the resident wizard missing, the city is forced to call upon the service of adventurers, not to weed out the incorporeal infestation, but retrieve the wizard from his tower so that he may vanquish the ghosts. What awaits the party at the top of the tower is no mere wizard however…


A 3rd level adventure for gullible parties

Tower of the Rage Mage brings you face-to-face with a single-enemy threat—the kind usually reserved for higher level play. Complete with Layer Actions, the Rage Mage overcomes the ruthless action economy without over-adjusting damage and health.


Included in Tower of the Rage Mage:

  • A frosty feline with an attitude
  • A Sphere of Annihilation
  • Potentially evil furniture

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