Elven Tower just shared: “Will You Have Sympathy for the Devil Who Heals the Townsfolk??”

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This adventure shall test minds and hearts. The healer and Yal become one, and they are surrounded by dozens of followers that have formed a cult. They were all crippled and withered old people waiting for death; Daniel gave them back their health and a purpose in life. But their health comes with a price; a subconscious loyalty to the devil. Daniel’s entourage will do everything for him. Plus, killing the healer would undo every cure and return the townsfolk to their former state of health.

This adventure happens starts in a tavern in the outskirts of town. Many people who were recently ill have been missing for a few days/weeks:

Then the adventurers visit an abandoned quarry/mine where the strange healers’ cultists have been seen recently. They may even allow the characters to see the healer if they need cure for an ailment:

In the mine’s lowest level, the characters confront the healer and find a way to finish the adventure in a way that benefits all. Would that be possible?

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