Fantasy OSR

Presented is a fine way to explore the underworld. The tagline reads an OSR game of Dungeons and Castles. There’s also mechanics to create that manor and wage war on your neighbors, aka feudalism with a magical twist.

The system works solo or with a party.

You can play Fantasy OSR as a one-off, a few levels or a complete quest to the climactic Quest Finale. Play until you get a full set of arms and armor. You can run co-op as a team and see who survives in a group. You can try to build a formidable party and survive your first Dragon. Fantasy gaming with the goal of character building offers sustainable play.

The game is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Character death being a form of grave error. Everyone can advance a character even without a dedicated GM.

When you play another ruleset of OSR and have characters and combat of those rules, this game booklet might be useful as an add-on supplement. Fantasy OSR may provide the randomizer for getting to the climax within all the other joy of your regular play. Let these tables be the travel and wandering monsters, then branch out into the detailed top-down grid map and pummeling the GM with query. Basic OSR, where player action and analysis trumps character ability. What resources do you have left to finish the fight?

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