Feywild Bestiary: 10 New Fey Creatures

From the splendid fields and vistas of the Summer Court to the thorny black forests of the Gloaming Court, the Feywild is rich with strange and wonderful creatures. Some are simple woodland creatures, bestowed with unusual cleverness and a mischievous nature; others are born from the dreams of creatures on the Material Plane, giving form to their whims and mythologies. Still a third sort are created by archfey to become their servants and warriors, their shape informed by their purpose.

Feywild Bestiary introduces 10 new fey creatures to 5th edition, perfect for Feywild campaigns. If you’re excited for the Wild Beyond the Witchlight, this title is a must-have! Includes:

  • The ancient stag, a stone guardian of the ancient forests
  • The blisterfly, a beautiful blue butterfly that scalds its predators—relatively harmless alone, but can be deadly in swarms
  • The breathless, a haunting agent of the Coral Court that appears in reflections
  • The cloud kite, a favored flying mount among noble fey
  • The dreamtangle, a colossal jellyfish that predates on humanoids in their sleep
  • The followspore, a cluster of mushrooms that lures victims in with its alluring light
  • The maiden spider, a sentient spider agent of the drow goddess Lolth
  • The Unseelie spy, a watcher that can transform into a swarm of crows to evade danger and stalk its marks
  • The wild stampede, an infectious anger that consumes entire forests of wildlife and throws them into a furious stampede
  • The woodlurker, once a giant but now a strange, slender stalker of the wood

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