In Accordance With the Chord

Thanks for downloading In Accordance with the Chord! We hope you enjoy playing it, or using it as inspiration for your own adventures! The idea for this project was born when Shawn of RFDHobby suffered a heart attack in July 2021. In response, many content creators have come together to make this adventure a reality and raise awareness for cardiovascular health! Absolutely 100% of the funds received from this project will be donated to Shawn at RFDHobby, Heart Kids Australia, and the American Heart Association.

Illustrations by Raquel of Raqrex Art, Bill of Bill Making Stuff, Knarb of Knarb Makes,  DM Scotty of The DM’s Craft, Robaire of Baire’s Lair, Shane Bevin of tardigradesandtentacles. Jelga Regional Map by Leif of Devs and Dice.

3d Printable stereolithographic model of Acardia the Sorceress by Knarb of Knarb Makes.
Print and Paste Terrain designed by Matt of RP Archive.

This is an adventure for three to five 2nd-4th level characters.

This product is priced at $5.00


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