New World Shadows: 100 American Ghouls for The Sabbat

Eschewing the rules and niceties imposed by the Camarilla, the Sabbat play the great game of shadows by their own rules. True terrors in the darkness, their mortal servants are often reflections of the masters who hold their leashes. Outcasts, rebels or anomalies within the power structures of the nation they may be, but all of them are deadly tools in the hands of the Sabbat.

Whether your players are members of the Sabbat, or opponents of Sabbat forces who are attempting to stop them from claiming even more of the rich blood that still pumps through America’s veins, the following ghouls should make ideal additions to your game.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Billie Brandt: Billie doesn’t look like much, with her button nose and petite height, but she is a cherry bomb waiting to go off in somebody’s hand. A third-generation re-possession agent, she keeps mace, a taser and an old Colt Python on her just because it’s a Monday and somebody is likely to object to her doing her job. She’s proven quite useful to more than one member of the Sabbat who needs someone to run interference, and while she likes money Billie will do a whole lot more if there’s a payment of vitae attached to a job. In fact, more than one haven has gone up in flames thanks to her ever-growing thirst for the kindred’s gift.
  • Nicholas Rank: If knowledge is power then Nicholas is only a few steps away from god’s throne. A man with thinning hair whose body is just starting to gain a layer of fat from recent inactivity, Nicholas claims he can find anything given an Internet connection and enough time. A freelance data sniffer, several Sabbat members have used him to track down missing or disappeared persons, to find who actually owns certain properties or to get the information they need to task a team to hit an enemy safe house. The thrill of the hunt never fades, but Nicholas always works faster if vitae is offered up-front for his efforts.
  • Ephram “Sarge” Zane: Ephram learned early in life that if you wanted something then you had to take it. A hustler from a young age he ran books, card games, scalped cigarettes and more. When he got caught, he was given the unofficial offer of enlisting in the army, or going to jail. He picked the former, but didn’t change his ways in the slightest. If anything, Ephram got a lot smoother in how he handled his business, which extended to illicit booze on base, weekend passes, private sessions with agreeable company and more. Overall, he was considered terrible for discipline, but particularly good for morale. When he made it back to civilian life Ephram picked up right where he’d left off, but he now had a much smaller tolerance for bullshit. He personally strung up the leader of a skinhead gang who tried to shake him down, and when the Klan marched to demand something be done, he torched their trucks in the parking lot. Cops usually got one warning, but it took a few body bags before the boys in blue got the message to leave well enough alone in Ephram’s neighborhood. A mostly self-made man who ran his crew with military discipline, Ephram showed no fear when Gasher came to make him an offer. The kindred knew hard men when he saw them, and there were going to be spoils in his upcoming wars. Once Ephram got a taste of vitae, he was more than ready for his marching orders.
  • Olivia Donnegar: Life wasn’t kind to Olivia. From her harelip to her mismatched eyesight, to losing her mother in childbirth, she started out on her back foot. Her father drank himself to death before she was even in high school, and the kids… well, there’s nothing more cruel than a child’s laughter at someone who’s different. She had abusive boyfriends, abusive girlfriends, a string of dead-end jobs and a small mountain of debt from her various health conditions. She was going to jump off the roof of a mostly empty office building when she crossed paths with Pygmalion. Beautiful in a way that only sculptures were beautiful, he pulled her in with the force of his eyes. She told him everything she’d never shared, weeping as she put down the burdens at his feet. He shushed her, smiling his cold, perfect smile. She was base clay, it was true, but he could make her something transcendent if she wished it. It would hurt, though, for nothing in life ever came without suffering. Olivia gave herself to the shadowy angel, and all the pain he’d promised was hers. She emerged from it reborn and renewed, however, as perfectly sculpted as he’d assured her she would be. Olivia will do anything for her master, and the stories swirling regarding some of her deeds have been enough to make even other members of the Sabbat blanch.
  • Jason Whitehall: Guns-for-hire come in a wider variety than most people think, and Jason has a knack for finding them. From disgruntled vets who are sick of tiny checks and fake patriotism that doesn’t pay their bills, to gang hitters as dangerous as any decorated soldier, to active-duty cops looking for a little side hustle to help them build up their nest egg, Jason gives them the kind of speech that would put a recruiter to shame. He also gives them money, respect and support, which is why his master Barabas seems to have an inexhaustible supply of dangerous, violent professionals on-hand whenever it comes time to deliver a surgical strike against Camarilla assets… or to make it look like fellow Sabbat members were attacked by the Camarilla, if proper motivation needs to be provided for some of his less confrontational brethren to step up.

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