On Coming Forth By Day

On Coming Forth By Day: A Treatise on the Disciples of the Jackal God is a short supplement for those who want a dose of necromancy with a touch of real world mythology and an avoidance of cackling evil. A focus on understanding, guarding, and guiding the dead rather than fearing them. In it you will find:

  • The Circle of the Sacred Land – Druids with a reverence for the cycle of life and death and blessed with the ability to shapeshift into the undead.
  • The Imyut – an undead race (that comes in both corporeal and spectral varieties) raised by the hand of the Jackal God himself.
  • A few new proficiencies in Kadari – the language of the undead used by Thasmudyan himself when he raised the first undead – and Embalmer’s Tools.
  • Plus two spells – Breath of Unlife and Beckon The Rotting Saint – from the excellent Playing Dead that you can find right here on DMs Guild. Linked in the pdf.

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