Pilgrim’s Christmas Workshop – 5E

A Christmas themed one shot adventure module designed for a festive night of fun with friends and family that is compatible with 5E DnD.

As the quiet snowflakes of midwinter drifted down, an icy despair overtook the village of Hopesburg.  Night by night, the village’s children were disappearing.  The only clue to their fate were tiny footprints that disappeared into the deep dark snow covered Feldspar forest.

“Pilgrim’s Christmas Workshop” is the story of a deranged gnome who was denied the joys of Christmas as a child.  As a mad adult, he has become maniacally obsessed by the trappings of Yuletide.  Over many frenzied sleepless months, he has converted his secret workshop into a Christmas horror land that is just as twisted as he is.  In the gnome’s cracked mind, all that remains now is to fill the workshop with children to enjoy its Christmas wonders, whether they like it or not.

Murderous gingerbread men, demanding snowmen, zombie carolers, violent nutcracker automatons, and more will challenge your players at every turn, as they try to save or destroy Christmas for the children of Hopesburg. 

This module is suggested for groups from level 3 to level 5.  Feel free though to make the monsters/skill checks easier or more difficult to custom tailor play for characters of any level.  We believe in the design philosophy that the module is a suggested story, which the DM can take as is, or change in any way they see fit.  You are the captain of this adventure.

Pilgrim’s Christmas Workshop is designed to be played with only a few minutes of preparation.  Key points, skill checks, items, and decisions; stand out in bold text so you can quickly find what you need.  Skill check successes and failures are clearly set in boxes to make it easy and fast to find the text/results you need.  No more fishing through paragraphs of text to try and find key points.  But don’t just take our word for it, see some of our page examples for yourself.

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