Svalbard is a roguelike, standalone scenario that borrows elements from the world of H.P. Lovecraft. In this scenario, the characters will die a lot. But it is not a permadeath; they ‘respawn’, but do not reset. Each time, they bring back into the game the knowledge accumulated prior to their death which will enable them to progress. As they start to uncover the secrets and puzzles of the scenario, they begin to learn how to avoid their deaths altogether, and the goal of the scenario is no less than a ‘perfect run’ where the players complete the entire scenario without the death of a single character!

Through investigation, awareness, recollection, and comprehension, the players and their characters will experience a time-bending and relentless scenario as they are lost in time and space for an eventful evening! It is unlikely that your players have experienced anything like this in a role-playing game before.

Welcome to Svalbard.

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