The Shadow of Serpentridge Hollow

What’s in a symbol?

The Dragon Cultist offers the slain paladin protector’s Standard to you, standing amid the skulls of ancient dragons. “Burn it,” she says, “And bring the town to its knees. Crush their dreams of safety. Show them the real, reality of the Great Dragon.”

Experience the thrill of Serpentridge Hollow in different ways, tailored to your character: combat, stealth, or fast talking. Do you visit justice on the Dragon Cult, or stick to the shadows – or do you go undercover and infiltrate this fell group?

Choose your own difficulty level! You can choose to scale up your encounters to Heroic if you would like additional challenges (and rewards!), or if you are playing with another player.

If you choose, and if you are successful, the fast talking infiltration approach allows you to play the entire adventure in a non-combat manner.

The adventure offers great replayability, since you can play again and choose a different route from Combat, Stealth or Infiltration.

A Dungeons & Dragons solo adventure for one or two 1st level characters.

This adventure features:

20 pages full of social encounters and a mysterious hall to explore

• gorgeous location and DMs Guild artworks

• NPC and monster stat blocks and descriptions

two custom encounter maps

four romanceable NPCs

This adventure makes use of the 5th edition Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual, and can be easily incorporated into any campaign setting.

This product is priced at $2.99


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