Ice and Snow Gaming Mat 44×60 Strike Force

Frosty the Snowman.  Elsa from “Frozen.” Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  These three characters all have something in common; they are all big wuss-face crybabies.  Their stories all say they were born for icy, unforgiving terrain and harsh subzero temperatures, but we all know they were created to be nothing more than mass-produced, soft, snuggly plushies in the arms of a sticky-faced toddler.  

This is not the case with “Ice & Snow,” Terrainify’s latest gaming mat.  This high-resolution image is sharp as the Arctic wind, with colors that take your battle or campaign out of your living room and into a frozen minefield of uneven terrain, slick ice and frostbite.  The “Ice & Snow” gaming mat amplifies the scenarios you create, making the game that much more enjoyable.  

For this gaming mat in other sizes and a variety of other gaming mat themes, visit the Red Mage Games page on Drive-Thru RPG.  And consider complementing your new gaming mat with pieces from one of our terrain sets, like Dynamic Hills or Ghost Stones!  For terrain painting videos, visit our YouTube page (see below). 


-For tabletop wargames and RPGs

-Size: 44 inches x 60 inches, an official size for War Cry and Kill Team*

-You will receive a PDF file. After downloading, use this digital file to order a print from the printing service of your choice.

-Files are for personal use only. Please support a small business and fellow gamer and do not distribute files.

Thanks, and happy gaming!

*Want another size?  Search Drive-Thru RPG for this same map in twelve other sizes.  

**Want another design?  Search Drive-Thru RPG for our other gaming mat themes, including Broken Ground and Fields of Battle.

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