ThunderZine, Issue 5

Welcome to the ThunderZine, the support ‘zine for all of Kyoudai Games brands, including the Infinity’s Edge Role-Playing Game, the Tiny Legacies line of sourcebooks for Tiny Supers, and Thunderscape in all its many forms!

The ThunderZine is developed for and with the members of the Kyoudai Games Patreon, who get it several months in advance of the public and who have the opportunity to contribute ideas and requests for specific content.

In this fifth issue:

  • Expanded Beast-Bond rules for Infinity’s Edge!
  • An exploration of the Three Kingdoms, a new setting for Infinity’s Edge!
  • A new ferran heritage, the Ferran Flyer, for Thunderscape TinyD6!
  • A new organization and Trait for Thunderscape TinyD6!
  • A series of unused legacies from the Iron Age for Tiny Legacies!
  • In Random Heroes, we meet the Weird, enigmatic defender of Austin, for Tiny Legacies!

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