Ancient Temple


Ancient Temple

Animated battle map and image stills representing a top down view scene of a ancient fantasy temple. Plus, shots render scene with different angle view for a better immersivity.


-Animated : full HD (1920×1080), time: 2 min, grid overlay and gridless version, format mp4.

-Images still: grid overlay and gridless, Hi-res 4k (3840×2160), format JPG.

-Images 3d render scene: format JPG.


In order to get the most out of this animated battle map, it is preferable to broadcast it using a television screen positioned face up in the center of a table. This is also possible with a projector. Arranged miniatures on top of it can then simulate the actions of the characters evolving in the scene.
The still maps can also be used with a virtual software tabletop, like Roll20, hosting parties with online players.