Collective Encounters Vol. I

Welcome to Collective Encounters!
As its title suggests, this is a collection of encounters, all of which were produced during the Spring 2021 Write Your First Encounter workshop hosted by the Storytelling Collective’s RPG Writer Workshop. This means that the majority of these encounters were written by new writers entering the ttRPG industry! Our mission at the Storytelling Collective is to make writing and publishing an empowering experience, and we’re delighted to produce this collection and introduce these creatives to you.

Each writer also designed their own encounter page, so you’ll get to enjoy a variety of voices and styles in this collection.

— The Storytelling Collective Team

Featuring work by:
Adam Dahlheim
Adrian Leech
AJ West
Al Stover
Alexander Sparrow
Baden White
Callum Ozelton
Carli Evangelista
Casey Cooley
Cian O’Neill
Claudia F.
Cody Garett Wells
Daniel Ferguson
Dave Murray
David Cowan
Dean San Andres Lewthwaite
Eddie Reyes
Gabriel Gonzalez
George A Sanders
Gulliver M. Rock
Gustavo Santana and
Patricia Ruivo
Isaac Dunn
J Dickinson
J. DeLaune
J.J. McMillan
Jakub Zachnik
James T. King
Jared R-K
Jerrod Bacon
Jesse J. Davidson
Jesse Whipple
Joaquín Sánchez González
Jordan Carmichael
Justin Doty
K. Meza
Kenneth M. Smith
Lauren Erwin
Mitchell Caldwell
Nerd at Arms
Nicholas Crawford
Peter DeCraene
Peter J. Schwab
Phil Keeling
Rejo Reta
Robert Stein
Samuel M. Merriman
Seamus Ly
Simon Traschinsky
Sinan Turnacioglu
Stefan Matthews
Stephen Ronan
Stewart Ness
T. H. Ravencroft
T.A. Donnelly
Teddy Benson
Thorsten Antonson
Trevor Salla
vid Strickland
Vivienne Wolf

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