Disabled NPC of the Week: Keyrie Hazelgrove

under a low canopy of trees in a forest, a light-skinned blond female elf wearing a green corset and tan pants, necklace and headband, caresses a pseudodragon on her lap. The pseudodragon is looking back at a small tyrannosaurus that is walking toward them. A tall-eared red squirrel sits in the corner of the shot looking at the camera.Keyrie Hazelgrove, from the adventure, Save the Queen!, is a high elf druid with a pseudodragon sidekick. Keyrie also has Sensory Processing Disorder.

Disabled NPC of the Week

At Wyrmworks Publishing (wyrmworkspublishing.com), we believe that the more people have chances to interact with disabled people, the more normal it will become in their lives, the more comfortable they will be around disabled people, and the more inclusive our world will become. To this end, we release a free disabled character to use in your game every week to help your players grow accustomed to disabled people in an RPG setting, allowing them to get used to interacting with disabled people.

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Make Lives Better through Role-Playing Games

This character is one piece of a movement within the D&D community to invite, encourage, and include those who have not been, both in the RPG community and nearly everywhere in real life. Wyrmworks Publishing is dedicated to using RPGs to help you make lives better, to provide tools, training, and a community to this end. We believe that this will extend far beyond the ever-growing RPG community as more and more people learn, grow, and give and receive acceptance. Join the movement by signing up for announcements!

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