Draconick just shared: “State of the Dragon #155”

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PATREON: We had our Patron live chat this past Saturday, and it was a lot of fun getting to chat with y’all! I’m also toying with some more community-focused content ideas in a similar vein as these, maybe something like a watch party or game night? I’m not sure yet, but I’ll be looking into options. While I’m not thrilled with Patreon as a platform, I do want to do more for you all, so I’ll see what I can do!

STREAMING: Still on break from this. If you’d like to know more about why, I suggest you go read the update from last week and the week before. I will say though, some progress has been made. I’m working on some assets now, and they’re coming along quite nicely. But there is still a lot to do, and it’ll depend on how much I can get done and how quickly before I can get to it, and I need to handle some other organizational/planning aspects to it as well. Like I said, hopefully new content, direction, new style of things, so there’s some considerations involved with that.

DISCORD: You know the drill! It’s the place to be, so why aren’t you there already? https://discord.gg/ajpksPF

COMMISSIONS: Progress, if a bit slow and steady. I did put a tiny bit of work into that big looming project I keep mentioning, but only just a tiny bit. It does help chip away at it a little, but there’s still so much more to do. I have (mostly) tied up those loose ends on that other project though, which is great, even if there might be another thing or two to do in the near future. I’m done with it as much as I can be for now, which really is only a slight step from where we were last week (where I was also caught up,) but it is one more  step towards full completion, so that is something. Transcriptions seem to be going well also. I’m keeping pace with those so far, and expect no delays, and can hopefully keep on it a good rate.

WORLDBUILDING: I finally started on this, and I’m excited to do so much more. I’ve mostly got a system to organize it now, and have a good sense of direction for it. But it will be a hefty project, so don’t expect too much of it just yet. But we have gotten started!

OTHER PROJECTS: With everything else to do, I don’t expect much else here yet. I’m expecting to polish up a draft in the near future, since I want to keep things moving, and it doesn’t seem like too much effort. I’m also looking at starting some fiction writing a few weeks out hopefully, but we’ll wait and see on that. There’s also a blog article that’s burning within me, and I feel like I probably owe some content to be uploaded there, but I have some mixed feelings about it, so I’m not in a particular rush.

GAMING: Still on the wait for that CoC game, still planning to look for other games as well. Hopefully will pursue that this week and I’ll see what shakes out.

PERSONAL LIFE: So, I had a bit of a flare up that knocked me out for a couple days this week, which really impacted my productivity in a negative way. I’m not thrilled about it, but I actually am a little proud of myself for the work I *have* managed to get done despite that. And that’s on top of the added stress of having another family member visiting right now (which makes the house a bit more crowded, adds a few more disturbances to my routine, and generally creates a few uncomfortable situations.) I do wish I could have gotten more done in some areas, but honestly, I’ll take what I can get here. My mood and energies levels have been really swingy too recently, which isn’t exactly surprising either. I’m often in good spirits and have short bursts of intense energy right now, but then have some brief spells of negative feeling and a lot of exhaustion. I think the mood swings are more a product of my environment, and my energy levels are pretty typical for how I feel when I recover from a flare up, since it absolutely disrupts my sleep schedule a ton. Overall though, I think we’re okay.

Alright, I feel like that’s enough for now. As always, thank you for reading. Take care of yourselves, have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you soon!


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