Rocks Fall, Everyone…Lives?

You wake up in the center of a circus run by a mad god to make you play in their bloodsport for the amusement of the multiverse. This adventure contains 60 unique challenges for our hapless contestants, testing them as fighters, thinkers, and talkers. Roll the dice and see which of the 1,000,000 different adventures you get to try to survive!

This adventure also features extensive advice for new GMs on how to run it, as it was designed to be a launching point for those new to the far side of the screen. For more experienced GMs, there are also suggestions on how to vary the game to keep your players guessing every time you roll up to play.

This adventure is also a perfect stomping ground for new characters you want to try, and to see how your brain child stacks up against angry merchants one moments and vicious dragons the next!

This product is priced at $2.99


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