The Horror on Tau Sigma 7

NAKATOMI SOLUTIONS – Public missive – tag 000213

Rare metal deposit [key type NM-109] detected on Tau Sigma 7. Request ground team for site access and sample retrieval.

Hazard level 2. Geology unstable. Biology unconfirmed.

For enquiries regarding on-site injury or harmful exposure, consult Nakatomi Solutions’ Contractor Handbook, article 7F: Corporate Accountability Waiver.


Before Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, you’ll have to survive The Horror on Tau Sigma 7… 

The Horror on Tau Sigma 7 is a self-contained pamphlet adventure for the sci-fi horror RPG Mothership. A prequel to Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, use it to build suspense for your ongoing adventures or as a one-shot rife with alien mystery and subterranean terror. Inside you’ll find everything you need to dive into horror’s heart including:

  • Fully keyed custom location map with 10 unique locations.
  • Full-colour interior with original art by Vil and professional layout by Eric K. Hill.  
  • A living alien environment that responds to the actions of your PCs. 
  • Unique monsters, strange visions, bio-plastic artifacts, walls coursing with alien “lifeblood” and much more!

Suitable for characters of all levels, test your nerves today in The Horror on Tau Sigma 7.



Writing: DG Chapman (The Haunting on Ypsilon 14, Hideo’s World, Journeylands) 
Layout: Eric K. Hill  (Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, Picket Line Tango,  The Third Sector) 
Art: Vil  (Dissident Whispers, Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, A Fistful of Creeps) 
Editing: D. Kenny (Dying Hard on Hardlight Station and Nirvana on Fire)

This product is priced at $1.99


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