Chaos in Thistledown

This Encounter is our last in the series for “Adventures in Thistledown” campaign setting that we are creating. It is meant for a Party of 4-5 players at level 5-6. As similar to all of the other adventures in this series feel free to use it anywhere in your campaign just change some of the details below. Hope you enjoy!

Many have started to find places of prominence in the town of Thistledown during its chaotic times. One of these groups is The Hall of Heroes led by Grogga a Chaotic Neutral Female Half Orc Gladiator. In this adventure your party will help this group in their mission and possible even become part of The Hall of Heroes themselves. Grogga believes that one of the ways they can prove her point is by culling some of the treacherous Hobgoblins that now populate the forest at the base of Mt. Arkhaz. She will be searching for any group that looks strong or willing enough to take up the quest in the name of The Hall of Heroes. 

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