Hala – 5e Anural Hybrid Race

“The urgency with which the hala thrived seemed curiously untethered. Despite their success, few have ever forged a path toward the future- simply fixated on whatever task was in front of them. Every library and university was home to these frog-like folk- scholars and professors alike.”

The “Hala”┬áis an Anural (Frog) Hybrid race for 5e Dungeons & Dragons. Included are all of the relevant rules for creating a character with this custom race. All artwork and illustration is provided by Alex Rodeghiero-Smith (@comicg0blin). Additional artwork was made using Heroforge.com and their Token Maker.

Fathom the unfathomable as your long life is drawn into the hallways of the lost and forgotten… in your next campaign.

Careful design choices were made in order to make this player PDF accessible. This includes a high-contrast design and simple, serif font for readability.

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