Armageddon’s Armory – 5E or D20 adventure module

30 magical weapons have just arrived in your world (use your own setting!). They have great powers that anyone can use, and they seem to be driving the owners to hunt each other down. Those who don’t have them, want them. Those who have them, want them all. 

Who will survive the coming battle? Who made them? What is their dark purpose?

In an adventure module that brings to mind Highlander and Fred Saberhagen’s Book of Swords, there is an amazing amount of freedom in how you want to approach this resource. Add it to a custom setting, use parts of it, use the NPCs included or make your own…

No matter how you do it, you are sure to have a brutally fun time!


  • Original artwork and characters
  • 30 custom weapons of order and chaos
  • 4 master blades
  • 30 NPCs with a weapon assigned to each
  • Custom villainous race
  • Suggestions for running your game

NOTE: MediaStream Press and Andrew Frinkle have no affiliation with Dungeons & Dragons or Wizards of the Coast.

This product is priced at $9.99


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