Kev’s Lounge Paper Minis: Born of Fire


This set features a scorching hot collection of minis depicting fiery monsters right at home in an ashy wasteland!

Paper Minis - Born of Fire group shot

Within you’ll find:
• Magma Man
• Giant Flameskull
• Nightmare
• Azer
• Magma Mephit
• 4 flame markers

The set also includes a 12 x 18 Battle Map with 13 different grid options to choose from! The map is laid out in tiles to make it easy to print on a home printer.

The minis are designed with removable bases, and the package includes a range of bases using the art of the battlemap.
The paper minis are scaled to 28mm, and will look good alongside most popular brands of miniatures and all manner of 28mm scaled scenery. The detail is boosted by the high resolution of the PDF, and the colours have good contrast to make them pop at a distance!