Legendary Eminence

Legendary Resistances have a reputation as one of the most problematic mechanics in the game. They exist to prevent an ancient and terrible foe from getting turned into a harmless fluffy bunny on the first round of combat, but they also explicitly undo player success. Take the Legendary Resistance ability on an **Adult Red Dragon** for example…

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If the dragon fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead.

In the event that the player has never encountered a creature with Legendary Resistances before, imagine their crushing disappointment when they cast *Disintegrate* on their epic scaly foe, and instead of them taking 63 points of force damage, they simply choose to take 0 damage instead. Try explaining that to a player…

In the more common case that players expect legendary foes to be packing Legendary Resistances, you play a game of cat and mouse with the monster instead. The player must choose effects that are just debilitating enough that the enemy will choose to burn a Legendary Resistance, but not so powerful that they waste their best abilities.

Then, you hope that you have enough spellcasters in the party to force the usage of all Legendary Resistances before the Barbarian, Paladin, and Rogue nova the monster down to zero hit points. Enter Legendary Eminence.

Legendary Eminence

Legendary Eminence. A powerful ability or feature that becomes weaker or inactive when a monster uses a Legendary Resistance.

Now it becomes much more precarious for other party members to engage in weapon combat while an enemy still has an active Legendary Eminence and they will be clamoring for the spellcasters to force monsters to use their Legendary Resistances.

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