What Lies Below

Welcome to the first of many adventures in the Quick Encounters product line for Five Torches Deep by ThrowiGames, LLC These short books are designed as random encounters or small one-session scenarios for use with little time for preparation. Each of these products will initially be available as PDFs but may be printed as a single volume at a later date. Note that while the adventure was written for Five Torches Deep, it will use the ThrowiGames Sensory Descriptive Style (SDS) format.

What Lies Below takes characters into a druid’s tomb below a rotten stump. The characters will quickly find that the druids buried within dabbled in magic and enchantments well outside their traditional schools.

This adventure was designed for 2-4 characters of first level. 8 pages, B&W. Unedited version.


This product is priced at $1.00


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