Category: M&M 3rd Edition

Official Handbook of the Amazing Universe: Alexi Babinsky & Creon Spaneas (Super-Powered by M&M)

The rise of mega corporations and global conglomerates led to the existence of business entities far larger, wealthier, and more influential than some national governments. These corporations own land and… Read more »

World of the Amazing Universe: Energy Defensive Generating Exosuit (E.G.D.E.) and Infinity Metal (Super-Powered by M&M)

Many people think that the Energy Defensive Generating Exosuit is a form of technology. That, on swallowing one of the small, aspirin-shaped, tablets, a special form of miraculous machinery is… Read more »

World of the Amazing Universe: Liquid Interfacing Nanite Composite and Plasma Metal (Super-Powered by M&M)

As technology has advanced at an explosive, unprecedented pace, materials science has struggled to keep pace. Equipment and devices for military, law enforcement, and industrial purposes depend on rugged, durable… Read more »

Official Handbook of the Amazing Universe: Nesha Ivanova & Eiji Kanda (Super-Powered by M&M)

Ironically, building her vast technological empire required Bentley to hire people with the powers she claimed to oppose. She needed such individuals to eliminate enemies, bully rivals, and remove incriminating… Read more »